There’s an active placement division within the campus that is putting in all-out endeavours to organize several placement activities throughout the academic year for Himalayan Institute of Pharmacy and Research (HIPR).
The placement office has given brilliant opportunities to our understudies in various companies of repute with handsome packages. There’s a concerted focus to ensure that understudies work towards scholastic excellence to produce the most excellent results, keeping in mind the industry bottom line of 60% & over in their respective professional streams.

For this reason, faculty are instructed to keep a steady vigil on the performance of understudies & make all required efforts to guarantee the same. The best of faculty is deployed & best faculty award is given to motivate the faculty towards this endeavour.

To provide them with a feel of an industrial environment, understudies undergo industrial preparation as part of their educational programs. They embrace minor industry-related projects in the pre-final semester and to a major extent within the last semester too.
Special sessions to hone their specialized skills & much-required communication aptitudes are conducted on a standard basis. 

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