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To lead in transformative education, empowering the youth for nation-building. We instill confidence, respect, and cutting-edge knowledge, aiming to be the best pharmacy college in Dehradun by fostering innovative thinking and wisdom in our students.


  • Employing technical education and cutting-edge technology in service to humanity, fostering global perspectives and national impact.
  • Empowering the youth through advanced academic programs, cultivating self-reliance, and enhancing awareness of their capabilities.
  • Committing to educational innovation by restructuring courses and adopting novel teaching methods for holistic personality development.
  • Connecting our illustrious heritage with a promising future, cultivating and disseminating knowledge through extensive research and extension facilities.
  • Envisioning an education system tailored to emerging needs, establishing HIPR as the best pharmacy college synonymous with excellence in obtaining a bpharm degree.